Decibel Meter Ultra for iPhone

All-in-one sound level meter, dosimeter and frequency analyzer

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Precision Metering for Sound.

From monitoring sound levels at home, noise levels in the workplace, to calibrating the speakers of your hi-fi, Decibel Meter Ultra makes it easy.


Measure with confidence

Get accurate sound level readings using industry standard measurement methodologies, selectable A, C and Z frequency weighting curves, fast and slow time weightings, plus concurrent peak level measurement.

A decibel meter app (Decibel Meter Ultra for iPhone) shows a reading of 94.0 dBA on its dashboard

Noise Tracking

Eliminate nuisance noise

Getting proof is as simple as tapping a button. Catch and log problem noise as it occurs, then create comprehensive acoustic analysis reports you can share easily via PDF.

Two iPhones display an acoustic analysis report for an audio recording generated by Decibel Meter Ultra for iPhone. The left iPhone displays the scrubbable audio waveform. The right iPhone displays a chart showing sound levels over time.


Safeguard your hearing

Stay aware of noise levels in the workplace and compare against industry-mandated safe levels using the built-in dosimeter. Select from default measurement profiles based on published recommendations from NIOSH and OSHA or create your own.

An iPhone shows the profile editor for Deicibel Meter Ultra, including options for selecting time and frequency weightings.

Video capture

Share the big picture

Make your noise reports even more impactful. Create video recordings with a sound level overlay to clearly and effectively highlight noise hotspots.

An iPhone takes a decibel reading while recording a video of a man playing an electric guitar.

Frequency analyzer

Elevate your home audio

Get the best from your home audio system with powerful fractional octave band analysis. Fine-tune your equipment using up to twelfth octave-band resolution, variable time weightings and peak level indicators so that you can enjoy music and movies like never before.

An iPhone shows a frequency analyzer app (Decibel Meter Ultra for iPhone) displaying a colorful octave band analysis chart


Trusted by 1000s

Join the legions of people already using Decibel Meter Ultra to measure, record and track noise and sound levels in their environment.

App Store Review 5-star rating

Restoring peace to our Village

We live close to a race circuit that can get VERY loud on weekends! Thanks to this App I've finally been able to make a log of the noise levels and file a detailed report. Also, will now wait for the neighbour who sporadically uses his chainsaw and sawdust grinder machine into the early hours, and log the noise levels. Hope the authorities will find out who it is and act! Next up … the three rottweilers at the crossroads who bark incessantly through the night! All in all highly recommend. This App is really easy to use plus it looks great too.

App Store Review 5-star rating

Exhaust noise limit

Use it to make sure my exhaust isn't too loud but not too quiet, either ;) Like that you can record it to see where the actual peaks are.

App Store Review 5-star rating

Perfect on the Road Meter

Works like a charm. I travel up and down the country setting up for music gigs and there's no difference in readings between this and my dedicated meter! Don't think I'll even bother putting it in my bag anymore. Amazing!

—Virus Barrier User OS X
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